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With over 20 years in the laundry business since 1979, Tristar Laundry Co. has the experience and expertise to provide you with quality, value-for-money laundry services.
Tristar Laundry’s specialty includes:
- Laundry
- Dry Cleaning

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Why bother yourself to the laundry when TLC can pick-up, clean, and deliver back to you with no minimum order and no extra charge!

Here’s how easy it is to get your cleaning done with Tristar Laundry Co.’s door-to-door services.

1. Sign up – membership is free
Drop up a line @ 6563 1204 / 9694 6105 or simply fill up our [link]online form
2. TLC personnel will respond to your order by phone or email
3. Laundry will be collected base don scheduled date
4. Delivery will made within 7 working days
5. Payment upon delivery of laundry


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“It matters when you can trust completely and get the best possible result. Your service is always immediate and impeccable.”

Uncle Tan

Uncle Tan


“At my age it is more difficult to do all the things about the house, but I can completely rely on your professional staff. Appreciate it!”



House Keeper

“I have so much free time now that these guys do my laundry! I am able to spend it with my friends and family, and totally love it. Thank you!”



Office Manager

“Thank you for always standing by and being the best at what you do! I appreciate the prompt pick-ups and delivery. Wish you luck!”

Our Promise

At TLC, we specialize in all types of industrial and commercial cleaning services. From factory uniform to carpets, bedsheets, tablecloths and napkins for hotels and restaurants.