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How it Works

Tristar Laundry Co.

Dear Customers,

Why bother yourself to the laundry when TLC can pick-up, clean, and deliver back to you with no minimum order and no extra charge!

Here’s how easy it is to get your cleaning done with Tristar Laundry Co.’s door-to-door services.

1. Sign up – membership is free
Drop up a line @ 6563 1204 or simply fill up our [link]online form
2. TLC personnel will respond to your order by phone or email
3. Laundry will be collected base don scheduled date
4. Delivery will made within 7 working days
5. Payment upon delivery of laundry

Service Area:

  • all Private and HDB residential houses in Singapore
  • all Corporate offices in Singapore

Collection Schedule:

  • Our friendly TLC personnel will follow up with you on a mutually agreeable schedule of collection
Quality 100%
Cleaner 100%
Clothing 100%

Conditions of Service:-

1. No liability shall be borne for defects or damage to items sent for the “Cleaning Service”, including, but not limited to shrinkage, discoloration, fading of colors, tears arising from treatment. All defects may be due to manufacturer’s manufacturing methods or natural deterioration caused by wear and exposure.
“Cleaning Service” refers all services provided by Tristar laundry, including laundry, dry cleaning and ironing.

2. There is no guarantee that tough stains will be removed. Tough stains will be removed upon the customer’s request and will be done at their own risk with additional charges.
3. All ornamental items or accessories on the clothing items that are liable to be lost during the laundering process should be removed beforehand. We shall not be held responsible for loss of item/s not removed beforehand, laundered or unlaundered.
4. Our liability for loss or damaged, if any, shall not exceed 10 times the cleaning charge.
5. All claims shall be notified within 24 hours after receipt of articles.
6. Loss of receipt not reported immediately shall be at the owner’s risk
7. All articles must be claimed within one (1) month from date of order.

How it Works

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