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Residential and Office Service
  • this service is designed to provide service for individuals and residential / office.
  • TLC has one simple vision: to improve our customers’ convenience and quality of life.
  • At TLC, we specialize in laundry cleaning for homes and personal wear.
  • With our competitive rates and fast door-to-door services, we are the one-stop laundry service provider you will ever need!
  • Check out our door-to-door laundry service with no minimum order today…
Corporate Service
  • this service is designed for Human Resource Personnel or Facility Managers of companies who wish to provide our services to all their employees company wide.
  • Many major corporations offer our service to their employees as part of benefits of working for the company, thereby providing convenience and increasing employee productivity.
  • We pick up and deliver personal laundry items from a designated place at your company, saving employee time and offering convenient, quality service.

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At TLC, we specialize in all types of industrial and commercial cleaning services. From factory uniform to carpets, bedsheets, tablecloths and napkins for hotels and restaurants.